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Check Up

General Diagnosis - Check-Up:
Every day we all deal with the high-intense daily routine. We are exposed to a constant, even small stresses that negatively affect our health and may affect our life style and work schedule.
Studies show that early disease detection can prevent its further development, and often saves lives. We also know that the best medicine is preventive medicine - early diagnosis and treatment.
Regular medical check-ups should be a standard medical procedure for each person. Many diseases are identified by the pronounced symptoms, and some do not demonstrate any symptoms until the disease is progressing.
Check Up Diagnosis will be able to detect latent disease, the treatment of which could be started before it becomes too late.
Diseases such as:
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Leukemia
• Hepatitis
• Heart disease
• Kidney problems
• Cancer
can be detected by general medical examination. In this case, the Check Up is a life-saving procedure.
That is why doctors advise to everyone who is under the age of 40 years to carry out full medical examinations at least every five years and every three years afterwards.
An immediate, professional care in the early stages of the disease, increases the chance of full recovery, and ensures a more productive quality of life.
During your visit to Israel, you will be able to complete a full medical examination and check the status of your health.
We offer our patients a special Check Up program in one of the leading hospitals in Israel. Synopsis Medical Center is equipped with ultramodern equipment. The leading filed experts work at these centers. For higher convenience of the Russian-speaking visitors, medical personnel of the center are fluent in Russian.
The process and duration of the test
In just a few hours you'll be able to pass various tests.
Diagnosis takes place in a pleasant, relaxed and quiet atmosphere.
Between tests and consultations, you can relax in comfortable rooms and enjoy the famous Israeli breakfast.
During the medical examination, doctors and medical staff thoroughly check every organ to detect even minor symptoms that may be a sign of the beginning of a serious illness.
After medical examination, senior specialist in internal medicine will discuss with you the results of examination and explain in details their importance to your health and lifestyle. You will be provided with a detailed report.
There are several different packages of medical examinations:
- Regular examination
- Examination with tests performance
- Comprehensive examination
Regular health examination includes: standard blood tests (including liver, kidney, lipid profile and blood cell count), urine and stool analysis, and chest x-ray. The most full comprehensive package includes additional blood tests, test for hepatitis, test for thyroid function and tests for various types of tumors. This examination also includes abdominal ultrasound, ECG, eye exam, mammography for women, sports stress - test, etc.
More information about the General Check-Up:
A complete medical examination by physician
In-depth research laboratory
• Urinalysis
• Complete blood count
• PSA - early detection of prostate cancer (in men after age 40)
• Fecal occult blood test for early detection of colon cancer
• Total full blood count, biochemical blood test - test 21
• HBA1C test for identification of latent diabetes mellitus, a disease that can be detected even in the relatively young age. This unique advanced test reflects blood sugar levels not only at the time of analysis, but also during the previous two weeks. By this test the patient is provided with complete information, high reliability of results and can obtain a more complete understanding of the blood sugar balance. It allows medical personnel to find a more precise treatment.
 Testing for HIV (AIDS) for those wishing to
 Functional study of the cardiovascular system
• ECG at rest
• ECG during exercise (Ergometry)
 Ophthalmologist consultation 
• Fundus examination  
• Visual acuity testing
• Intraocular pressure examination (for the early diagnosis of glaucoma)
 Functional study of the respiratory system - Spirometry
 A functional study of hearing
 Chest X-ray
 Tests for Women
• Gynecological examination, including cervical smear (PAP SMEAR) for early diagnosis of cervical cancer.
• Inspection of the chest by surgeon.
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