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The largest and leading private medical center in Israel; it is home to the best of Israeli doctors. Center constantly introduces new medicine technologies and ensures a high level and efficiency of health services. Institutions and hospitals "Assuta" serves as a perfect example of high professionalism, comfort and technical excellence, providing medical care by meeting the highest international standards. Every year in "Assuta" hospitals there are about 85,000 operations, 650,000 outpatient examinations and treatments, 235,000 diagnostic examinations (such as MRI and CT), 5,000 cardiac catheterization procedures and 5000 in vitro fertilization procedures.

The second-largest Israeli hospital is a giant "city of health", located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Ichilov Hospital Foundation has 1100 beds and a staff of 3,500 employees and more than 800 leading professors and doctors. A large number of scientists with world name are part of the hospital staff. The hospital is a teaching and research facilities in Tel-Aviv University. Ichilov hospital is in compliance with all up-to-date's world treatments. 60 inpatient and 150 outpatient hospital departments cover almost all medical problems, starting from artificial insemination and birth to the most complex cancer operations, open heart surgery and organ transplantation. Medical Center consists of a main hospital "Ichilov", maternity center, children’s hospital "Dan" and Rehabilitation Center of Ida Sourasky, polyclinics. Children's Hospital "Dan" at Ichilov Medical Center is a leading pediatric medical institution in Israel and is known worldwide for the treatment of certain types of cancer, hematology, gastroenterology and other fields of medicine.
Tel Hashomer - Sheba

Tel-Hashomer Hospital is located in Tel Aviv area. Sheba is a symbol of the latest advances in medical treatment and modern technology care. Medical Center "Sheba" contains 1990 hospital beds, and the medical staff number exceeds 6,000 persons. It is not only the largest medical center in the Middle East, but also the most multi-profile center. This medical center has 120 offices and clinics. It is divided into two sections: general and emergency hospital and rehabilitation hospital. In general and emergency hospital there are 6 departments that are very successful at treating of wide range of diseases. "Sheba" is part of the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
Belinson (Rabin)

Since its inception, Rabin Center sets new standards of treatment and use of the latest medicine methods and technology in Israel. In addition to medical practice, Rabin Medical Center is engaged in its own research activity, as a branch of the Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University. Every year about 9,000 children are born at Rabin Center, and more than 70 percent of organ transplants (average is 150 persons per year) in Israel are conducted. Starting from 70 beds, 4 offices and 57 staff in 1936, the Rabin Center has grown to 1,300 comfortable hospitalization seats, 40 departments and 4,500 doctors, nurses and allied health professions today.

Children's hospital "Schneider" is located in Petah Tikva, 12 kilometers east of Tel Aviv. Medical Center "Schneider" takes care of children from all around the world, and this care is not limited to race, religion or national origin. The hospital provides the most advanced medical services for children and is a leading center for bone marrow transplantation and internal organs, hemato-oncology, cardiology, immunology, surgery, computer imaging, treatment of diabetes, etc. "Schneider" includes the children's department, specialized departments, intensive care unit and the department of nursing of premature infants.
In addition to providing medical care, hospital staff cares about the psychological needs of the child and his family. A social and educational activity, organized as part of treatment, is designed to reproduce the natural environment of the child. The project "Child’s Life" includes art therapy, games room, media room and computer classes.


Rehabilitation department of Synopsis hospital is a place, combining the service and comfort of a five star hotel and health care of one of the best hospitals in Israel. Rehabilitation Department of Synopsis center includes a comfortable environment to relax: spacious and bright rooms with balcony, close to the sea, the solution of everyday problems, and the possibility of family joining. At the same time, Synopsys offers full medical services necessary for the proper and speedy return of all life functions: 24-hours medical staff presence, proper nutrition, sport exercises, physiotherapy.
DMC - Center for Diabetes Treatment

DMC is a private center for the diabetes treatment in Israel, offering services to patients with all types’ diabetes. The treatment is being performed by the best specialists and doctors with years of experience in leading hospitals in Israel and abroad.
DMC is working closely with pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. Thus, DMC clients receive full information about new drugs on the market, as well as the opportunity to get closer to the most modern technologies, developed for the treatment of diabetes.
In the DMC center there are special treatment programs for tourists: "An Intensive Program for Diabetes Balance," "Full Medical Examination for Diabetic Person", "Program for Diabetic Children," etc. The treatment program is chosen individually for each patient according to his health condition and the period of his stay in Israel.

Arrow Aviation – Medical Flights

Arrow Aviation specializes in providing medical services, including aviation air ambulance, evacuation, health tourism, rescue and other special needs.
As part of an experienced team - air crews, medical crews and ground services - allows for immediate response and immediate take off as soon as possible for any emergency. Customers can get answers to their questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company's motto: "Any mission, any time" reflects their vision and services.
Arrow Aviation works with some of the most world well-known medical experts to build special medical teams specifically adapted to the specific needs of each mission.
Arrow Aviation is always ready to transport the patient and his / her family in any direction at any time, providing the optimal response with maximum comfort.
Ambulance-equipped aircrafts are equipped with state-of-the art equipment such as onboard incubator, the only of its kind in Israel, which was specially built for the needs of newborn and premature babies.
All these factors together create a universal environment for the providing of first class aid.
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At Soroka hospital (Beer Sheva, Israel), in affiliation with Ben-Gurion University, a unique method to detect various types of cancer is being developed, based on the simple blood test.
May 2012
- Our new partner - Arrow Aviation specializes in providing medical services, including aviation air ambulance, evacuation, health tourism, rescue and other special needs.
May 2012
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