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Israeli Dentistry occupies one of the leading positions in the world. The specialists have a high level of professional training. The latest diagnostic equipment, materials and tools are used here. It allows carrying out the proper treatment planning and performing medical procedures in the shortest time period.
Israeli dentists have achieved impressive results in the field of implantology, parodontics, the elimination of bone defects, treatment of chronic inflammatory processes, as well as the elimination of aesthetic and functional problems in the dental cavity. All procedures are carried out with use of newest methods of anesthesia (general anesthetic if necessary).
All the advantages of the Israeli dentistry are at your disposal: the ultra-modern diagnostic equipment and precise diagnosis based on the world of dentistry concepts.
  • Treatment of parodontosis with the help of micro-invasive technology
  • Gingivoplasty - surgical formation of the gum tissues
  • Dental microsurgery  - treatment of  root granulomas and filling of root canals, with the preservation of original teeth
  • Treatments of «bad teeth», which until recently were refused by many dentists. It became possible due to the optical and electronic equipment
  • Design of snow-white smile with minimal harm to the tissues of the teeth and the use of porcelain lamination
  • The correction of the bite using lingual, sapphire, ceramic, and metal bracket-systems for children and adults
  • Osteoplasty
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Prosthetics with the use of porcelain dentures. Application of CAD-CAM technologies
  • Aesthetic and functional prosthesis: absolute rejection of removable dentures and their replacement with permanent implants from the best world manufacturers
  • Carrying out of all procedures in a comfortable environment with the appropriate anesthesia
  • The comprehensive restoration of the teeth
  • The latest technology of teeth  implantation
  • Possibility of treatment under General anesthesia and more
 Israeli dentists will make you the owner of the Hollywood smile, no matter what problems and injuries you have had before the treatment.
All Med. services
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At Soroka hospital (Beer Sheva, Israel), in affiliation with Ben-Gurion University, a unique method to detect various types of cancer is being developed, based on the simple blood test.
May 2012
- Our new partner - Arrow Aviation specializes in providing medical services, including aviation air ambulance, evacuation, health tourism, rescue and other special needs.
May 2012
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Центр медицинского туризма S.M.C работает с пациентами из стран СНГ. Сотрудники S.M.C прилагают все усилия для того, чтобы пациенты ощущали комфорт на каждом ... S.M.C
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