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Questions and Answers

I want to come for treatment in Israel. What should I do first?
  1. First of all, we suggest that you learn about the Synopsis Medical Center. On this website you will find detailed information about our center. Be sure to check out the page "About Us", "Our Doctors", and of course, "Questions and Answers."
  2. Fill out the contact form on our website or contact us by phone, skype, ICQ or e-mail. The telephone numbers are listed on the "Contacts" page.
  3. Provide us complete medical information. Based on this information, we will be able to get advice from the best doctors in Israel. Try to gather all available documentation: general medical history (2-3 pages), disease history, laboratory results, x-rays, test results, reports after the previous treatment, medical consultations and other documents. No need to translate medical documents. Please send scanned documents. If your information is not available in digital format, you can send documents by fax.
  4. Visa and passport. For entry into Israel you will need a foreign passport. Be sure to check the expiration date of your passport - it should be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the first day of staying in Israel. Please send an e-mail or fax a copy of your and your companion’s passport. In accordance with the latest law, citizens of Russia and Ukraine do not need a visa to enter Israel (for up to 3 months staying in the country).
  5. Once the documentation will be reviewed by a medical expert, we can provide a preliminary price for the treatment and living in Israel. In addition, you will find complete information on procedures, treatments, hospitals, doctors, etc. We will discuss the cost of treatment and possible dates, procedures and will assist you to choose the places to stay in Israel. The duration of treatment will be also specified. When the dates of visit are selected, we will get back to the hospital and coordinate the whole process.
If the prices are acceptable to you, we will be able to go to the last stage of your medical tour organization.
  1. All other issues will be taken care by Synopsis will do for you. You just have to focus on recovery. Upon arrival in Israel, you will meet our staff, responsible for meeting the patients. He (or she) will be your personal assistant throughout your stay in the country and will accompany you at all meetings with doctors and during medical procedures. You will be provided the mobile number of your personal coordinator, so you can contact him at any time.
All Synopsis coordinators are fluent in Russian. Synopsis carefully chooses personal coordinators. It is always a professional and sensitive people with extensive experience in medical tourism. It is important for you to know that even after the treatment you will always have somebody in Israel to refer for any medical issue. You can always contact us and our doctors.
How much medical treatment in Israel will cost?
Prices may vary according to the procedures and individual needs. To obtain a preliminary treatment cost, please fill out the contact form and send a request. One of our representatives will contact you to provide complete information.
What the best place to receive treatment / examination in Israel? Which hospital?
The choice of the medical center depends on your primary care physician in Israel. We work with leading experts in each area, and the choice of the doctor and the medical center depends on your specific case. On our website you will find the necessary information about hospitals and doctors, with whom we cooperate on an ongoing basis.

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At Soroka hospital (Beer Sheva, Israel), in affiliation with Ben-Gurion University, a unique method to detect various types of cancer is being developed, based on the simple blood test.
May 2012
- Our new partner - Arrow Aviation specializes in providing medical services, including aviation air ambulance, evacuation, health tourism, rescue and other special needs.
May 2012
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