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About Us
Medical Center Synopsis Medical Center represents a company of doctors and medical managers, designed to arrange an effective treatment and medical care in the best clinics of Israel and in our private hospital complex Synopsis. SMC is a general strategic partner of the private hospital complex Synopsis, that deal with the international medical tourism and allows us to provide unique opportunities for our patients in the diagnosis, treatment, surgeries and, more importantly, in recovery and rehabilitation after a serious illness or surgery. In addition, we are an independent private health care provider. SMC is an official partner of many leading university hospitals that allows you to create a professional network of comprehensive health care for our patients.
Features of SMC:
Expert opinions of reputed doctors, respected internationally for their expertise and innovative methods of treatment.
  • Excellent multi-disciplinary services designed specifically for the needs of international patients of all ages.
  • Advanced technologies for improved therapeutic services, precise diagnostic testing and modern care.
  • 247 hotlines for emergency situations, an experienced team consisting of an air crew, medical team and ground coordinator allows us to respond immediately to any emergency situation.
Medical Features:
Rehabilitation Center
  • Support of interdisciplinary medicine
  • Specialized first-class medical care is supported by integrated research and education.
  • Providing effective access to inexpensive medical care.
  • Ensuring the quality of health care and safety of patients
  • Individual service
  • Evaluation of results for maintaining the highest standards and improvement of quality of services.
International standards of service and personal care:
Ensuring a high level of services to patients, visitors and their families
  • Ensuring cultural and linguistic support, along with psychological sensitivity, needed for patients.
  • Individual patient approach, depending on the age and general situation.
  • Patient specific needs and his well-being are considered as highest priority.
 SMC company has been successfully operating for a long time in the market of medical treatment for tourists in Israel and during that period has acquired the name and reputation of certainly reliable company. Extensive experience and a sense of personal responsibility in relation to each patient provided us a leading position in the market. SMC conducts medical treatment and examination of patients in Israel from abroad, including a general diagnosis and profile examination and consultation with leading doctors of Israel, as well as outpatient and inpatient treatment. Medical treatment in Israel is the ability to undergo examination, diagnosis and treatment using the latest medical developments, completely cure the disease and restore health. Years of experience in post-Soviet territory allows us to accurately and clearly understand the needs of patients from the CIS countries. Our knowledge, relations and opportunities in the Israeli medical world, fruitful cooperation with leading medical centers and clinics will allow us to choose for you the optimal treatment option. According to the patient’s disease, we prepare an individual program of examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, based on the wishes and preferences of the client and his health condition. Our company puts above all the interests and immediate needs of patients. The expediency of coming for treatment to Israel is handled in an objective and professional manner, reflecting the medical priorities of our patients and taking into account the financial component of the visit.

* We guarantee full confidentiality of your personal and medical information.
The process of treatment in Israel, at the request of patients, can be combined with the excursion program, chosen by him. Holidays at the best hotels and treatment in the best clinics of the Dead Sea.
We will do our best for your health, peace of mind and comfort!

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At Soroka hospital (Beer Sheva, Israel), in affiliation with Ben-Gurion University, a unique method to detect various types of cancer is being developed, based on the simple blood test.
May 2012
- Our new partner - Arrow Aviation specializes in providing medical services, including aviation air ambulance, evacuation, health tourism, rescue and other special needs.
May 2012
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Центр медицинского туризма S.M.C работает с пациентами из стран СНГ. Сотрудники S.M.C прилагают все усилия для того, чтобы пациенты ощущали комфорт на каждом ... S.M.C
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